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    Die J! Mars  has been spinning records since '92. He can play any style but tends to gravitate towards funky dark progressive dance music from both Germany and Detroit, working the crowd into a fun exhausting sweat every time.

    Originally hailing as a legend from Toronto, he moved to NYC in 2000 with nothing but a bag of records, $150 and a tiny spot to crash with the late great fetish promoter, John D. Sade. Within 1 year, Die J! Mars and his dark take on dance music, becomes the biggest fetish dj in North America, headlining every Black and Blue Ball, Torture Garden, Slimelight, Sinners' Ball San Francisco, etc.

    A few years later, just as the Electroclash phenomenon explodes in NYC, Mars jumps in at its helm, quickly being recruited by Party Monster icon, Superstar DJ Keoki, to be part of his "Too Far Gone Crew". Not long after-wards, Die J! Mars does remixes alongside the then-unknown Scissor Sisters for Robbie D, wins an open battle thrown by Ultra Records in 2004 for NYC's #1 Electropop dj, makes a cameo centerfold spread in Spin Magazine, plays with Boy George, Erik Morillo, Adam X, Heather Hart, Jackie Christie in the main rooms of giant venues like Crobar, Spirit, Webster Hall, Limelight, etc.

    Destined for greatness, electroclash burns out, leaving a bad taste in New Yorkers' mouths so Die J! Mars steps out from DJing to form his own electronic pop group, RiseNYC(, playing guitar and programming the beats. Rise NYC record their debut album, Mise en Scène, which is produced by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), worked on by Supa DJ Dmitri (ex-Deelite), remixed by Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV), Superstar DJ Keoki, The Dirty Criminals and Hong Kong Counterfeit. Rise NYC's first show is with Princess Superstar and Fischer Spooner at the original Ghostbusters' fire station and by the end of their first year, they have releases on DJ Hell's "International Deejay Gigolo Records CD 8", Larry Tee's "Gentle Electric" comp and Kinetik-Media Records. The duo focuses on happy music but to balance it out, Die J! Mars forms another side-project-- a dark trip-hop group called "Binary Starr System" who release a single, "What's Da T?" which includes a bonus remix by David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets).

    After taking a 3 year leave from his 18-year every week dj career, Die J! Mars returns stronger than ever in 2006, taking over NYC's Fashion Week at Bryant Park for Greek Designer, Vlassis Holevas. The show is such a success that he's picked up to do a fabulous weekly party called Strut! with Kevin Aviance at Rebel Nightclub (the first official party at the new home for infamous party, Mr. Black). Shortly afterwards, Die J! Mars goes severely underground with his music, doing an internet radioshow, The Earth Calling Mars, at Llegamos Radio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Within just 3 months, the show becomes the #7 internet radioshow for the entire world (according to beating out even the big satellite stations.

    Between 2006-2008, Mars continues production work, doing remixes for Hexx Music, Minnesotta 13 (Alice Cooper's
drummer), fronts a new indie rock group called "Tulips for Tina", playing guitar and singing. Tulips for Tina record a self-titled e.p. which includes a bonus remix by house music legend Johnny Dynell and has a music video. Note: Mars directs and edits all the music videos for all of his bands. As the NYC club scene becomes completely stagnant in 2008, Mars steps out of his production cave to spin vinyl everywhere and anywhere to help build a scene. It's also his revolt against the new breed of uneducated laptop blogging djs who are ruining things for anybody that actually practiced the art of djing. In 2009 Mars is Fri-Sat resident dj for a West Village Irish Pub called "Mr. Dennehys", djs one of the first resurgent Northern Soul nights in the U.S. at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, plays industrial parties in Brooklyn, all-night Goth parties in Manhattan's Chinatown and hardcore techno parties in Williamsburg with the legendary "King of Distortion" Lenny Dee (Industrial Strength Records). Every gig, he puts his all and the crowds are still talking about his sets. Derek Rush, an attendant for Wasteland 2012 (July 2008) says: "D I E J ! M A R S (if it was he in the red blazer) was excellent. all great dark hard stuff and I only recognized one song. I wish all the music was like that!"

    2010 was one of the best years for Die J! Mars yet as he kicked it off opening up for house music legend, Junior Vasquez, at Arena Nightclub in NYC for the PILL Awards, spun F.I.T.‘s graduating year's fashion show in conjunction with Patricia Field (Sex & the City), remixed chart-toppers' The Ones, Dangerous Muse, Lailah Dancing, produced tracks for performance artists' Soigne Deluxe, Laughlin Artz, Angel Idealism and London label Voyage Clothing while making time to play several huge events across the border in Toronto and spun at a different NYC venue every other week--everything from huge vogueing balls at Capitale (NYC) to monthly fetish parties!  He has also taken djing into the future, trading in his vinyl skills to be one of the first djs in North America to spin on a Tonium
Pacemaker (handheld portable dj system) while occassionally playing live guitar and singing over his sets. Expect to be amazed with this one-man techno-band! Always and innovator and a "dj's dj". Live and let Die J!

    Die J! Mars plans to launch on his own Queens-based label, Cherry Beat Records, next year with over 30 releases to come out!  Keep your eye on him and watch him blow up in a town near you!

  "Being a 'Die J!' is about spinning killer beats. I try not to be pigeonhold. I want you to dance so much you die."- Die J! Mars

This is the most comprehensive guide to where I've been in the last 18 years (as a dj) that I can come up with. I might have left out a couple gigs but hopefully it’s fine. ;)

July 27th, 2011 - Die J! Mars spins breakbeat at The Blu Monkey for Broke As F**K! - Hollywood, CA.

July 3rd, 2011
-  Mars spun an oldschool breakbeat vinyl set for an East L.A. warehouse party called "Breakbeat BBQ

April 8th, 2011 - Spun for LA Beatdown at The Music Box with Reid Speed, Cyberoptics, FS and DJ Micro.  Hollywood.

Feb.11th, 2011 -  Spun store launch party for Animated Closet.  Parkslope, Brooklyn.

Feb.10th, 2011 - Spun the Baroness' Fetish Valentine's Day party at White Noise.  NYC.

Dec.14th, 2010
- Spun at Le Poisson Rouge for PS122's annual fundraising event, The Red & White Party, along with Roxy Cottontail, Michael Magnan, Hank & Cupcakes, etc.  158 Bleecker St. - NYC

Dec.5th, 2010
- Spun at White Noise for The Baroness' X-mas Fetish Party.  225 Ave. B - NYC

Nov26th, 2010
- Spins at Absolution (87 Ludlow St.) - NYC

Nov.7th, 2010 - Spun at White Noise for The Baroness' Fetish Retinue (NYC's longest-running fetish party).

Nov.6th, 2010
- Spun at Banzai!!!!!, a massive art party in Bed-stuy Brooklyn put together by performance artists Muffinhead & Erik Schmalenberger with Alice Farley Dance Theater, Yozmit, Bambi The Mermaid, Ms. Tickle, Rachel Klein Dance Company, Darrell Thorne, Dangerkat, Soigne Deluxe, Nick Zedd, Scott Ewalt, etc.

Oct.15th, 2010 - Spins at Absolution (87 Ludlow St.) - NYC.

Oct.10th, 2010 - Spins at 1st Ever Catch 22 Reunion with Djs Jurgen and Jeff C held @ The Annex Wreckroom. - Toronto

Sept.24th, 2010 - Spins at Absolution (87 Ludlow St.) - NYC

Sept.17th, 2010 - Spins at Giselle Xtravaganza's Dream Ball held at Capitale Nightclub (130 Bowery) - NYC

Aug.19th, 2010 - Spins at Mama's Bar (34 Ave. B) - NYC.

Aug.12th, 2010 - Spins at Mama's Bar (34 Ave. B) - NYC

Aug.1st, 2010 - Spins pop/nu disco under real name (Marsel Roberge) at Loft 405 (HK Lounge) - NYC

July 31st, 201 - Spun at Dreamscapegoat IV (a warehouse party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for several performance artists like Soigne Deluxe, Pollimorph, Venus, Krystal Something-Something, Brandon Olsen, etc.)

July 25th, 2010
- Spins pop music and nu-disco for new weekly Sunday night party at HK Lounge under real name, Marsel Roberge. - NYC

July 16th, 2010 - Spins goth at Absolution (87 Ludlow St.) - NYC

May 21st, 2010
- Spun Goth at Absolution party (87 Ludlow) - NYC.

May 13th, 2010
- Spun his "10-year return party" at Neutral Nightclub with Lord Pale and DJ Darq - Toronto

April 25th, 2010
- DJ for Fashion Institute of Technology's "Future of Fashion" fashion show for graduating class (styled by Patricia Field). NYC

Feb.15th, 2010
- Spun electro-house with DJ Cat (DJs ARE NOT ROCKSTARS) during NYC Fashion Week at Greenhouse for Joan Bermann's post Fashion Show afterparty. - NYC

February 6th, 2010 -
Djs at Company Bar, NYC

January 24th, 2010
- Die J! Mars spins electro-house ,opening up for Junior Vasquez at The PILL Awards (Arena Nightclub, NYC)

January 22nd, 2010 - Die J! Mars spins at company bar
Located @ 242 E 10th st @ 1st Ave.

Januar .8th+9th, 2010 - Djs at Company Bar, NYC

Dec 31st, 2009 – Die J! Mars spins new wave NYE with Spaz Machine at Boulevard Tavern (Greenpoint, Brooklyn).
Dec.11th, 2009 – Spins house music at Viking Dungeon Bar in Long Island City.

- Spin Goth music later that night at 87 Ludlow for Absolution.

Dec.4th, 2009 – Spins last night of 2-year residency (Fri + Sat) at Mr. Dennehy’s (63 Carmine St.—West Village). Played indie rock, Britpop, New Wave, Northern Soul, electropop and mainstream top 40.

Nov.27th, 2009 - Spins Goth vinyl set at Absolution held in Fontana's - NYC.

Nov.25th, 2009 - Spins reunion party for Gomorrah/Kitsch Inn/Mondo Porno along with Michael T. Erocktica, Hate in the Box and St. Eve perform. Held at Fat Baby - NYC.

Oct.31st, 2009 - Spins with Candice at Mr. Dennehy's. In the "heart of the NYC Halloween Parade" madness.

Oct.18th, 2009 - DJs at Absolution. Last party held at their all-night illegal space in Chinatown.

Aug.21st, 2009 - DJs at Absolution held at all-night secret space in Chinatown, NYC.

Aug.19th, 2009 - DJs hardcore techno/tech-trance at Krushsmoothy along with legend Lenny Dee (Industrial Strength Records), Tracatak (Vitus Records), Nita (Mr. Black) and Mikielikesit (House of Bath/Mr. Black). Public Assembly - Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Aug 2009 - Die J! Mars is commissioned to write dance music along with Tom from Dangerous Muse for London’s Voyage owner Tiziano Mazzilli.

Aug.9th, 2009 - Biggest gig of his life, Die J! Mars marries Candice!

July 23rd, 2009 - Spins at Wasteland 2012 party wtih Thunderkunt and DJ Jeffo! Glasslands - Brooklyn
July 12th, 2009 - Spins mainfloor of Objectify! with DJ Shakey held at The Delancey - NYC.

Feb.18th, 2009 - Spins Northern Soul night at the Chelsea Hotel's new Starlounge with Paul Alexander of the Ones, Alfio and Astro hosting. It's NYC's first attempt at trying to bring the revival craze across the sea from the U.K.

Oct.31st, 2008 - Spins Halloween party with Candice at Mr. Dennehy's.

Sept.26th, 2008 - Plays guitar for Neon Music, opening up for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult at Club Europa (Brooklyn)

2008 - Die J! Mars takes a break from djing to work on his new band, Tulips for Tina. They perform at a lot of concerts and record an e.p. that includes a remix by Johnny Dynell.

Jan 2008 – Die J! Mars remixes Minnesota 13 (Alice Cooper’s drummer’s band).

Oct-Nov, 2007 - Resident DJ for Jour et Nuit--a posh socialite French Restaurant (formerly Frederick's) next to Central Park doing French Electro.

Sept.27th, 2007 - Spins Saturday night at HK Lounge for Alfio's birthday along with DJ Merrit- NYC

Sept.11th, 2007 - Spins for Irena Shabayeva fashion show during NY Fashion Week at Jour et Nuit.

Oct.2007--Die J! Mars spins at Thunderkunt! held at Midway (part II).

Sept.2007--Die J! Mars is plugged on as "the club scenes answer to Batman." (

August 25th, 2007--Die J! Mars is the headlining dj for the "ThunderKunt!" party held at Midway (NYC). His killer set is all about "Maximal" techno-electro beats!

November 2007--Remixes by Die J! Mars for artists like DJ Demonixx on Hexxx Music will be released.

Jan-Aug 2007--Die J! Mars djs at Mr. Denehhy's the first Friday of every month, filling in for DJ Krieg spinning retro sounds (and Irish music!) at the Irish Pub.

Dec.2006--Die J! Mars guest djs at Nostalgia held at Otto's Shrunken Head with DJ Patrick and DJ Krieg spinning post-punk. (NYC)

Dec.2006--Die J! Mars spins with legendary dj Freddy Bastone (Danceteria's main dj) at Webster Hall.

Dec.2006-May 2007--Die J! Mars djs and hosts "The Earth Calling Mars Show" at Llegamos Radio (Internet Radio) from Brooklyn, NY. According to, Die J! Mars' show becomes the #7 internet radio show for the entire world, beating out even major satellite stations! He does the show with Soigne Deluxe the first and has guests such as Larry Tee, The Ones, Freddy Bastone, White Dove, Da Lypstyxx, Neon Music, Tobell Von Cartier, etc. exposing NYC's true underground nightlife to the rest of the world!

Oct.2006-Dec.2006--Die J! Mars is the resident dj for Strut! held at the brand new Rebel Nightclub owned by the Ballinger Bros. Spins hipster electropop along with legendary Kevin Aviance while Shane Savant (Zen Warp) hosts. Bands such as Dangerous Muse (Sire Records) performed at this party.

Oct.17th., 2006--Djs main room of Lotus Nightclub (NYC) as fundraising benefit for Wyclef Jean’s to help underpriviledged children in Haiti.

Sept.28th, 2006--Die J! Mars spins new weekly fashion party called “Strut” at brand new venue, Rebel Nightclub (owned by Webster Hall). The legendary Kevin Aviance is his dj partner and Shane Savånt is the promoter.

Sept.24th, 2006--Djs at Galapagos (Brooklyn) with Xris Flam for Psychic TV concert and revives his Canadian grave party “Lust n’ Rust”. Resident 51, Neon Music and Trisomie X also perform.
Sept.16th, 2006--Next Magazine promotes Mars as the “gayest straight kid we know”. Meaning “he has style!”

Sept.15th, 2006--Spins alongside Atlantic Records’ MC Afrobot (a.k.a. Rico) at Sofia Lamar + DJ Spencer Product’s hipster party, Ruff Club, held at The Annex (NYC). We follow a set by Diesel’s runway dj.

Sept.13th, 2006--Djs runway show at Bryant Park Tents for one of Greece’s biggest fashion designers, Vlassis Holevas.

July 8th, 2006--Djs at a tribute night / memorial for “greatest friend and promoter I ever had”, John D. Sade who sadly died in a motorcycle accident a few weeks before. Adam X and DJ Krieg were also spinning.

June 9th, 2006--Spun at The Savage Garden’s 12-Year Anniversary. Toronto.

June 8th., 2006--Spun at The Velvet Underground. Toronto.

May 17th, 2006--Spun at Lit (NYC). Warhol Superstar Ivy Nicholson was the host and famous Studio 54 photographer, Anton Perich, showed his work. Video for Binary Starr System was shot there.

Dec.2005--Die J! Mars spins at Mindswerve Studios for a Holiday Party with Darryl Hell (Abstinence, Furnace Records). The crowd consists of happy members of KMFDM who cheer on Mars for spinning remixes of Neon Judgement. ;) NYC

Dec.2005--Friday night residency as main dj for Shane Savant's Zenwarp held at 251 30th St.W (The Downtime). Spun with Xris Flam (Smack! Byte) and Lestat. NYC.

Oct.31 st, 2005--Die J! Mars spun @ Zenwarp's Vampire Geisha Ball held at Downtime. Dj'd with Octo-Pussy (Vesago). NYC.

Sept.2005--Die J! Mars spun for John D. Sade's "Sinners' Ball II" in San Francisco at The Rawhide. Spun with Legendary MIA NYC dj, Johanna Constantine (Antony & the Johnsons).

July 2005--Die J! Mars spun at the lounge in the Thompson Hotel (one of NYC's most elite secret hotels for celebrities and socialities).  Spun French electro.

June 2005--Die J! Mars spun (as Binary Starr's DJ Soundsystem with Elaine doing live vocals) at the launch for Studio Connect's art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Die J! Mars' is granted a new black sculpted horn headpiece by the Japanese artist responsible for The Kubuto Project.

Feb.2005--Die J! Mars' spins at the very first Byte Party (NYC). It quickly became the consistant busiest fetish party in NYC shortly after.

Jan.2005--Die J! Mars is the resident dj for a weekly Wednesday night party called "Knock Knock" at Williamsburg, Brooklyn's hipster hang-out, Red and Black. His band, Rise NYC, hosts the party that features weekly fashionshows and guest djs such as Adam X (Sonic Groove, Wax Trax).

Sept.2004--Die J! Mars tears the roof off the Rawhide Nightclub in San Francisco as he spins the main room for John D. Sade's First Annual Sinners' Ball. Elaine from Binary Starr / Rise NYC does a solo show that night.

May 2004--Die J! Mars spins the main floor of Spirt Nightclub (formerly Twilo) with Boy George for The Black and Blue Ball. NYC.

Feb.11th, 2004--Main room of Crobar NYC for Nico and Adrian’s fashion show, opening up for Erick Morillo during his new album’s launch party featuring P-Diddy and The Audio Bullys.

Jan.2004--Die J! Mars wins an open battle against 18 finalist djs in a contest thrown by Ultra Records and Kurfew Entertainment, becoming all-time "NYC's #1 Electropop DJ". He receives a perfect score and the contest ends after that.

Dec.2003--Die J! Mars spins arabic house music for "Apocrypha"--a cabaret night of bellydancing by legendary, Jehan of Goddessdance. The party is held at China Club and is thrown by the promoters behind the Black and Blue Ball.

Nov./Dec.2003--Die J! Mars becomes the weekend dj (Friday and Saturday night) for legendary East Village "hang-out", The Wonder Bar. He spins old-school house (electro-house) while pushing DFA records and post-punk. It becomes one of the pinnacle NYC gigs to bring back garage house into this decade. The crowd are young post-electroclash fashionistas mixed with divas from the Circuit.

Oct.31st, 2003--Spins for Mistress Evita's "What is Fetish?" Halloween Party held at Club Shelter, NYC. Both Shane Savant and Empress Chi Chi Valenti MC. Lestat also spins.

Aug.2003--Die J! Mars spins a party thrown by Mistress Evita at Karma Lounge (NYC) that features theramin player, Armen Ra.

July, 2003--Die J! Mars spins at Southpaw in Parkslope, Brooklyn for Veritee Hill's first NYC corset fashion show.

May 2003--Die J! Mars spins as the main dj for the Black and Blue Ball held at China Club. House Superstar DJ Jackie Christie also spins that night. NYC.

April/May 2003--Spins every Tuesday night at a party called "Godlike" for legendary NYC rave promoter, Alan Sanctuary's. Also djing is up-and-coming (soon later deported) techno dj, Miss Dinky and Automaton. Guests include Dee Lite's Supa DJ Dmitri and Heather Hart (Sonic Grove).

Feb-April 2003--Spins as part of Superstar DJ Keoki's "Too Far Gone Crew" opening up for the "Party Monster" legend every Sunday night at Sapphire
Lounge (NYC). Also spinning are Moses (aka "Peter Pan"). Guests include Supa DJ Dmitri with audience members consisting of electronic heroes like Mr. C of The Shamen, underground artists like Soigne Deluxxe, clubkids like Astro Earle and theramin prodigy, Armen Ra.

Jan. 2003--Die J! Mars does a remix for Robbie D's "Lotion" to be later featured on the single that also included remixes by, then unknown act, The Scissor Sisters. Unfortunately, nothing becomes of the record. Robbie D., once Susanne Bartsch's main dj and featured artist on Larry Tee's first Electroclash compilation, is now in L.A. working on music with cats like the keyboardist from Faith No More, Matmos and Ann Magnuson.

Nov-Dec.2002--Die J! Mars spins at a variety of underground after-hours clubs in LES (like 560 Canal Street). He plays alongside Supa DJ Dmitri of Dee Lite at 2 of them. Here he is pushing the latest electroclash/technowave records he can find.

July 2002--Die J! Mars spins at Orchard Street Bar for a party thrown by artist Jan Baracs called "Clinic". Amber Ray performs.

July 2002--Die J! Mars makes a centerfold cameo spread in SPIN Magazine on the feature article that makes "Electroclash" known to the world for the first time.

May 2002--Die J! Mars spins with DJ Octo-Pussy at Float Nightclub for The Black and Blue Ball. NYC.

April/May 2002--Die J! Mars throws/djs a monthly party called "Gag!" along with Batcave's Ian Fford at brand new venue, Remote Lounge. The first party is rammed and is the first time fashion kids mix with goths and vampires dancing to industrial and electro. The second party is a let down but the crowd includes legendary NYC promoter, Susanne Bartsch.

March 2002--Die J! Mars does a hard acid remix for "Why'd You Do It?" by Kid & Khan. Kid Congo Powers, aside from being Mars' brother-in-law, is legendary punk slide guitarist from The Cramps, The Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, etc. The single was supposed to be released on City Rockers but has still yet to see the light of day.

Feb.2002--Die J! Mars spins at Webster Hall for The Imperial Orgy. NYC.

May 17, 2001--The Limelight’s main room for the Black & Blue Ball---North America’s premiere Fetish event. Main deejay. New York City

May 20, 2001--Twirl. U.S. deejay for London U.K.’s Torture Garden---Crème de la crop of fetish clubs for the world. New York City

2000-2002--Gomorrah every Wednesday at True Niteclub. Resident deejay. New York City’s #1 weekly fetish party.

Nov.10, 2001--La Flamingo East. I spun the launch party for a new weekly thrown by Master Steelow (former manager of La Nouvelle Justine, S&M restaurant). New York City

Oct.23, 2001--Hush. I spun a party for veteran performance artists, Flambeaux & P-Cult, that was thrown by the promoters of the Black & Blue Ball. New York City

2001--Cameo appearance in February’s Paper Magazine.
2001--Cameo appearance on HBO’s “After Dark”.
2001--Cameo appearance in second issue of Patricia Field’s “Hotel Venus” Magazine.

2001--Spun at the Miss NYC Fetish Pageant. True, NYC.

2000--Original U.S. deejay for London U.K.’s Slimelight—legendary Goth-industrial club. New York City

2000--Sin City at True Niteclub. Resident deejay. Weekly fetish night that later spawned Gomorrah. It lasted just over a year and ended in November 2001. New York City.

2000--Remixed “Stone Angel” by Pynky Love---indie Toronto D&B artist who used to headline for local peers, Peaches.

2000--Remixed “Heaven” by the Psychedelic Furs.

2000--Resident deejay for “Salon De Kink”---Canada’s most die-hard fetish night. Run by Patricia Marsh and held once a month at the Velvet Underground, Toronto.

2000--Fridays at The Volcano Room, Toronto. Resident deejay.

2000--Spun three special all-ages parties at The Big Bop. Toronto.

2000--Spun my “going away” party at The Anarchist’s Cocktail, Toronto.

2000--Spun opening night at The Anarchist’s Cocktail, Toronto.

2000--Spun fetish festival in St. Catherines---a city just outside Niagara Falls, Canada.

2000--Spun for Jubal Brown’s (famous deconstructionist known for vomiting on famous paintings) Porno Party at Ontario College of Art’s Spadina Gallery. Toronto.

2000--Siren’s Fetish New Year’s Eve Party at the Reverb (the Big Bop). Spun to 2000 people. Toronto.

2000--Spun at The Spring Lust Masquerade (sex party). Brooklyn

2000--Guest DJ at M-17 [Demeraras]. New York City

2000--Guest DJ at The Batcave [The Downtime]. NYC

1999--Spun at the Elmocombo (now defunct) for the Gene Loves Jezebel concert. Toronto

1999--Spun the main room of the Government [Canada’s largest club with best soundsystem; The Twilo of the North] on Halloween. Promoter was Gilles Belanger. Toronto

1999--Fridays at The Savage Garden, Toronto. Resident Deejay

1999--Stained Productions’ Hallowmas party at the Reverb, Toronto.

1999--Spun for Gothic Pajama Party at Clinton’s with The Vampire Beach Babes (Attic Records). Toronto.

1999--Saturdays, once a month at Clinton’s, Toronto.

1999--Official guest deejay for “Beyond the Gates of Hell” on C.I.U.T. 89.5FM (University of Toronto Radio). Hosted by Mitch Kroll of Masochistic Religion. Toronto.

1999--Spun at the Electric Hellfire Club [Cleopatra Records] / Rhea’s Obsession [Metropolis Records] concert at Club Shanghai, Toronto.

1999--Spun at the C-Tek [Front 242] concert at Club Shanghai, Toronto.

1999--Shock-a-buku Wednesdays at the Velvet Underground. Half the night was dedicated to Detroit techno, the other to drum and bass. I spun for both parts of the night alongside MC Caddy Kad and DJ Stealth. I went by the name "Skywalker" until it was disputed that another "Skywalker" existed in the D&B scene. Competed directly with parties thrown by famous jungle label, Vinyl Syndicate. Toronto.

1999--Siren Clothing’s New Year’s Eve Party at Clinton’s, Toronto.

1998--Thursdays at Club Shanghai, Toronto.

1998--Spun for two events at The Mad Bar, Toronto. One was a Detroit techno night, the other an industrial party.

1998--Deejay for electronica band, Boom City Rockers. Signed to Silver Records U.S.A. [Amsterdam; famous for Starfish Pool] before they went under. Toronto.

1998--Deejay (sampler / scratcher / beat-juggler) for acid jazz fusion group, Magnificent Octopus. Toronto.

1998--Guest deejay for industrial night at The Pyramid Nightclub, NYC.

1998--Surge Sundays at Power, Toronto. Resident Deejay.

1997--Wednesdays in the Orange Room at The Government Nightclub, Toronto. Resident deejay.

1997--Martin Streak’s (CFNY 102.1FM) Planet Earth retro night Wednesdays at The Velvet Underground, Toronto. Guest deejay.

1997--Spun for Tripe Magazine’s launch party at Weave, Toronto.

1997--The retro room for the Realm held at The Bank, NYC. Guest deejay.

1997--Surge Sundays at Exit II Eden (when it was on Adelaide St.). Resident deejay. Toronto

1997--Spun at Contact--a small rave party held in a loft (A-Space) at Queen & Spadina on December 28th. Toronto.

1997--Surge Sundays at Power (230 Adelaide St. W.). Resident deejay and played to over 700 people every long weekend. Toronto.

1997--Level 2 at Whiskey Saigon, Toronto (owned by Webster Hall’s Ballinger Brothers) every Wednesday. Resident Deejay. The first electronica night in Canada.

1997--Spun P.W.A. benefit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto.

1996--Alternative Gravity Wednesdays at Life (165 John Street), Toronto. Resident deejay.

1996--The Velvet Underground, Toronto. Aside from being Canada’s longest running Goth night ever (4 years), it’s safe to say that every single “alternative” band in and around Toronto played there at one time or another. Resident deejay / booker.

1996--Lust ‘n’ Rust III at 23 Hop, Toronto. Resident deejay / promoter / booker. This rave featured Alkahest [Legion of Green Men; Plus 8 / Virgin Records] and DIN [Cleopatra Records].

1996--Elevation Sundays at Runyx, Toronto. Resident deejay.

1996--Spun 95-95’ New Year’s Eve party at Symptom Hall (160 Claremont), Toronto.

1995--Invasion from Mars Fridays at Catch 22. Resident Deejay. This legendary night ran till the club closed down. Toronto.

1995--Did ambient chill-out remix for “The Ring” by Parade of Old Souls [Bass Relief Records] under the name The Sea Resigns. Pressed as 12” vinyl. Toronto.

1995--Spun Freak Show reunion at the legendary Boom Boom Room, Toronto.

1995--Lust ‘n’ Rust II at 23 Hop, Toronto. Resident deejay. I threw a rave with 8 other deejays “so underground you need a shovel to get to it.” I called it a “grave” and was the first to merge industrial deejays with Detroit techno ones, trance deejays and hardcore deejays. Hence, I started Canada’s original Darkrave company.

1995--Regular guest deejay at C.I.U.T. 89.5 FM (University of Toronto) for the New Powers Show with Chris Twomey. Toronto.

1995--Spun highschool dance for Downsview Secondary School. I had to sign a contract with the principal stating I wouldn’t play songs with swear words. “Fuck this, I won’t do what you tell me!” I later spun their prom alongside a dancehall raggae DJ soundsystem.

1995--October 28th at Jac’s Pub (York University) for their Halloween party. Toronto.

1995--Dream Scream Saturdays at The Savage Garden, Toronto. I was the original industrial deejay that made the club the legend it is today.

1995--Freak Show, Fridays at 23 Hop (318 Richmond Street West), Toronto. I was a resident deejay in the lounge, spinning everything from trance to acid jazz. This is the night that gave me the freedom to find my direction I do today. It was the most important all-ages night in Canada ever. A legend with 1200+ kids always in attendance.

1994--Alter-dimension Thursdays at Death in the Underground, Toronto. Resident deejay.

1994--Timeless Tuesdays at Death in the Underground, Toronto. Resident deejay. This might very well be the first retro eighties’ night in North America.

1993--Guest deejay on Gerald Belanger’s [owner of DOVentertainment Records, famous for Metro Breaks Compilation; member of Cleopatra Records’ Kinder Atom] radio show Unfortunate Sonic Casualties. It ran overnight Wednesdays on CKLN 89.5 FM (Ryerson University). Toronto

1993--Lust ‘N’ Rust at W-12 with DJ Dominik and myself as residents. The original darkrave was held every weekend at an abandoned warehouse in the east end (Carlaw and Dundas). Very “Beat Street”. Toronto

1993--Nocturnal Affair Wednesdays at The Dance Cave, Toronto. Resident deejay.

1993--Cybersex Tuesdays at the Kat Klub, Toronto. Resident deejay.

1992--“The Earth Calling Mars Show” on CHRY 105.5 FM (York University). Resident deejay / host. Originally ran all night on Thursdays (Pub Night) and later moved to Wednesday mornings from ten till noon. I spun a wide range of trance, IDSM, trip hop, industrial and alternative dance music along with world-renown gabber DJ Dominik who was my co-host. I also conducted many live interviews with acts ranging from Orbital to Einstürzende Neubauten. In many ways, Earth Calling Mars was one of the true launching pads for trance techno in Canada. It lasted 5 years and made me switch University majors from Film Production to International Deejay. Toronto.

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