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Believe it or not, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University (Canada, outside of Toronto) and have made several films, some of which have gone off to win festival awards.

i.                    Director for several short films which include “Femme Plastique” (winner of Best Humorous Film at the International Canadian Annual Short Film and Video Festival 1992), “Canada on the Fringe” (featured at 1993 New York Film Expo) and “Life on Mars” (On The Fly film fest 1998)


ii.                  First A.D. for Kilolo Productions.  Credits include music videos for EMI recording artists, Ghetto Concept and Angeldust (dir. Jesse Terrero—“Soul Plane”).  23 scenes and 5 locations in one day with minimal crew!!


iii.                 In-house editor for Keep Me Posted (Black Walk Productions).  1995 – 1996.  My job was to cut several music videos and corporates under extreme deadlines.  Credits include videos for The Pursuit of Happiness, The Odds, Shallow and many infomercials for Northcom such as “The Abflex”. Also managed dubs and recorded voice-overs for clients.


iv.                 Grip (I.A.T.S.E. 873 Permittee) on many feature films.  Latest include All That Glitters (starring Mariah Carey), Exit Wound (starring Steven Segal) and Serendipity (starring John Cusak).


v.                  Camera Operator for The Shopping Channel.  Also camera operator for M.T. Productions who specialize in dance recitals (National Ballet of Canada).


vi.                 I have worked on over thirty commercials as a Production Assistant.  Houses I’ve worked for are Blink, Circle, Imported Artists, Radke, Navigator, Revolver, Vaughan Whelan, Maxx and GVFX.  Production Managers I’ve worked for are Brian Waldie, Warren Milando, Brian Ramsey, Matt Carter, Mike Borrett and Sasha Jarh.  Also worked as Props P.A. for Kenny Baird (Pee Wee Herman, Nine Inch Nails) and Anne Pepper. 

Other:            -     Sound Recordist for short film “Gone A Foreign”

-         Video Playback on many music videos -         Writer.  Have written many scripts for features under Disney Story Editor, Lucie Hall.


Technical Skills


Avid Pro Media Suite, Final Cut Studio Pro 5.0, I-DVD, D-Vision digital offline, Alladin Online, Final Cut Pro, Final Express, Grass Valley Routes Switcher, Nagra, Sony 9100, Steenbeck Editing Table, Moviola, CP-16R Reflex Camera, Arriflex 16 BL, Canon Scoopic 16M, SONY EW-9000 Video Cassette Recorder, Various Super-8 mm cameras, Canon DV-6 Digital camera, Panasonic GS200, Movie Magic Budgeting/Scheduling Program, Final Draft screenwriting program, Various 4-TK & 8-TK cassette recorders, Reason 2.5,  Logic, Cubase, ProTools, Digital Performer, Fruity Loops, Cool Edit Pro,Garageband, Rebirth, Studio 16, MIDI,  8-channel Interlock Mixing, Foley Studio, 35mm still cameras + B & W developing/printing.  Can drive a 14-foot cube van (valid license).  Can use a cash register, a Visa machine, a forklift and a fax machine.  Very fast typer.  Good at cutting gels, making flags, building tarps and organizing space.

Aside from being a stylist at Pat Field's (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Bebe Neuworth, etc.) he is a FREELANCE VIDEOGRAPHER (owns a professional Panasonic GS-200 3-Chip Mini DV Camera) and FREELANCE EDITOR (owns a PowerMAC G5 Dual with Final Cut Studio Pro 5.0) FOR HIRE with affordable rates.  For enquires, email

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