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My band, Rise NYC, appears on "Flattery: the Highest Form of Counterfeit" (A Tribute to Hong Kong Counterfeit) with our version of "Emotion".  The digipak, with cover art designed by world-famous pop artist, Karim Rashid, will be released in March on Kinetik-Media Records.  For more information, go to
"International Deejay Gigolo Records CD 8 - Selected by DJ Hell" 2005.  My band, Rise NYC, are featured on this new compilation for our track "Said Before" in which I produced, programmed and recorded in my very own Haunted House Studios.
click here to download Said Before sample
My band, Rise  NYC, is featured on Larry Tee's new 2005 comp, "Gentle Electric", for our track "Penny" in which I play guitar and help program the beats.  It was produced by Peter Mavrogeorgis of the Bellmer Dolls.
click here to download Penny sample
"Mise en Scene" is the debut album for my band, Rise NYC, which will soon be released on our own label.  It was produced by Jim Sclavunos (of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), worked on by Supa DJ Dmitri (ex-Dee Lite), plus remixed by Genesis P-Orridge, Superstar Dj Keoki, David J., Hong Kong Counterfeit, The Dirty Criminals and Kwesi. 

click here to download Rock'n'Roll Manifesto sample
My latest project, "Binary Starr System", has a self-released dj-demo/live p.a. disc out.  I sell them for $10 at dj gigs, just ask me.  It's Elaine Benavides singing live operatic improv over myself spinning dark, hard funky-house beats.  We also have an original brand new single, "What's The T?" that is going to be self-released along with an exclusive remix by David J. Haskins (Bauhaus/Love&Rockets/Tones on Tail/The Jazz Butcher).  We will be selling it at shows we do throughout this year.

Before Rise NYC, I played guitar in a NYC punk band called "Blowtop" and I performed with them as they headlined a show at CBGBs for The X-Possibles.  They got my fingers up to chops.  They have a few indie recording out but I don't play on any of them.  You can check them out at  Nick Fuse the drummer has also played with Misfits' Guitarist, Bobby Steele, in various CBGBs jam nights. 
Before I moved from Toronto, I was in a Bigger-than-life Glamrock band called
"The Millionaires" fronted by ex-Furies singer, Dan Riley, and featured producer-to-the-stars' Rob Sanzo (engineered Dee Dee Ramones' final album) on bass.  We should have been signed but according to Viletones' Steven Leckie, "The Millionaires talked the talk and also walked the walk, something labels don't want to touch."  I played lead guitar over Mark Stewart's rhythm.  We were the ultimate battle-of-the-bands, band and also part of Mark Holmes' (Platinum Blonde) Orange Alert movement.  Somewhere within the vaults of Signal-to-Noise Studio, is our never released debut album.  I myself, cannot find a copy and if you were given one at a concert, it's worth tons now.  We had opened up for The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Blow-up, The Wonderstuff's front man, Hanoi Rock's Michael Monroe, The Viletones, etc.  Many popular radio acts frequented our audience.  In many ways, outside of The Sinisters and The Bunchofuckingoofs, we WERE downtown Toronto.  Dan and Mark went onto form the new wave group, "Sylvania", while Dominik, the final drummer, continued to play in "The Beggars".  Picture taken a feature on us from Eye Magazine (I'm on the far right).
The Boom City Rockers.  While in the Millionaires, I formed another project where I was the "dj" who helped produced the band and for live shows would sample, scratch and beat juggle.  I formed this band with singer/guitarist Steve Sturgui (The Viletones/Nailed-EMF) and Izzy (Coma).  We were about to be signed by Silver Records USA (a Division of KK Records) with our first single "We are the People" but then the label suddenly folded.  Starfish Pool from Holland was another act on the label.  Our music was a blend fusion of Detroit Rock (MC5) with Detroit Techno (Underground Resistance) and we would have been Canada's answer to The Prodigy should that record have come out when it was supposed to (pre-electronica boom).  We folded over disagreements shortly after.  The album was also co-produced by Laza of the Hrd Cru (Drum and Bass) & Medicine Muffin.

click here to download Boom City Rockers "We Are the People!"

click here to download BCR "We are the People" (DJ Dominik's Rotterdamned! Remix)
I was the dj (scratcher) for a Toronto Jazz Fusion group called "Magnificent Octopus".  I did a few gigs with them but eventually called it quits.  They sort of sounded like Frank Zappa.  Steve from The Boom City Rockers also jammed on a MC-303 Roland Groovebox.  The band had a few recordings out but none that featured myself or any live dj.
 I played funk guitar for a short-lived electronic world-music pop group called "Alcheringa".  The band featured Steve LaFortune (Furies' keyboardist) and Alex Davis on bass.  We sounded like a cross between Simply Red and The Tom Tom Club.  I quickly stolen to play guitar in a forming band by my new roommates called "The Millionaires".  Somewhere, some place, there is a long lost home demo cassette from this project
While attending University, I played guitar in an EBM (electronic body music group) called "ATD Convention" formed by Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Sheldon Hatch.  We met over my radio show where I was pushing his older band, Pornographic Apparatus.  We caught the attention of electronic Guru, Chris Twomey, and were invited onto his show "New Powers" on CIUT 89.5 (University of Toronto Radio) to promote our new project.  The band ended up getting signed to a Darryl Hell's NYC label, Furnace Records (a division of Silent Records) and shortly after I was removed along with all the original band-mates to be replaced by a member of Bang Electronica!, Hal Wong.  Not a happy moment, but we did learn a lot.  I still practice Sheldon's multi-media show principals with Rise NYC.  It also got me to get on the programming/management side of things and we did a couple really fun shows (like the one above) when it happened.  I don't appear on the Furnance Records' disc but I do appear on a long-lost home-demo cassette tape.  The band has also disbanded, never to locate the members again.  Funny thing is, my last dj gig was with Darryl Hell in NYC who also says he can't find those guys.
While in ATD Convention, I formed an ambient side-project with Sheldon Hatch called "thesearesigns" or, among other readings, "these are signs".  I played infinite Robert Fripp-like guitar heavily influenced by 4AD recording artist, Michael Brooke, who we later covered his song "Shona Bridge".  Sheldon provided the electronic soundscapes in which I conjured sounds of whales screaming, water dripping, sitars, etc. with my guitar filled to the brim with effect peddles.  During sets, I'd recite random poetry with the emphasis on "S" words to flow with the crowds' then-new ecstacy trips.  We played the chill-out rooms of several rave parties including Destiny Fridays (responsible for the Toronto's World Electronic Music Festival).  In many ways, there was us and there was The Legion of Green Men who were the only ones doing ambient music from Canada at the time.  We self-released a cassette tape entitled "Mit Out Sound" (without sound) that contained a triology song 50 minutes long and had a b-side of the exact take in reverse called "Sound Out Mit".  It was sold at the notorious X-Static rave-ticket clothing store on Queen Street and was featured on Chris Twomey's "New Powers" radio show.  We also did an ambient remix for an artist called "Parade of Old Souls" which (for his track, "The Ring") released it on a 12-inch vinyl record for his label, Bass Relief Records.  His music was a cross between Madonna and Depeche Mode with the dance focus on sorrow.  The rare record also contained remixes by a few other electronic artists who are now responsible for the happening BugEyed Records (  It's too bad Parade of Old Souls disappeared because in more ways than one, he's the reason I'm a dj today.  See, the story goes, Gavin (aka Parade of Old Souls) was a dj who lived down the hall from me in Fine Arts Residence.  As a favour, I told him I take him to meet my high-school chum, house dj Matt-C, who gave Gavin a life lecture on being a dj.  I was there, took it spiritually and went with it.  Gavin is probably not spinning or even doing music and here I am writing up this webpage almost 15 years later.   Anyways, thesearesigns ended shortly after the remix as Sheldon left to focus on ATD Convention full-time. 

Right after leaving ATD Convention, I started playing in a goth group called
"the Scarlet Syndrome".  The group featured the vocal stylings of Alexandria Child (now "Alexis") whom I was a big fan of with her former group "Death Among Friends"--A group that used to headline at Toronto underground dance clubs with Calvary Cross (featuring Steve Vardi of Perdition and Jill of The Spy).  The rest of our band later became "Sex Without Souls".  We sounded a lot like Mephisto Waltz (Christian Death side project).  The band ended before we made it to a gig but somewhere (ask Mike from Sex without Souls next time they do a Toronto gig) there is a long lost demo tape.   
So there you have it!  Sure I played guitar in Sisters of Mercy, Jane's Addiction and Gun Club cover bands while in highschool that went nowhere, sang in hardcore bands in my parents' basement called "Caffeine Baby's Plague Revival", the above are music projects that I really put 100% into when I was doing them.  Like the tatoo that plagues me, "All or Nothing".  Thanks to Tim Higgs, Leslie Walters (of Psychopathos), my sister Patty Powers, Helen and Hagan of Softlight Productions and my parents for being there from the start.  Thanks to my friends now John D., Gentle, Rexxx, Kimberly, Lizz, Ian Fford,  Amber Ray, Shelly, Jim Sclavunos, Emily, Michael Gwilliam, and my love Elaine (and all my other friends--you know who you are!) for keeping me alive!  We got NEXT!!

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