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Over the years, Die J! Mars has made cameo appearances in Spin Magazine, Paper Magazine, Comedy Central's "Insomnia", a  photography book called "Under Summer" by Katsu Nagaishi,  music videos for Blue Rodeo, The Wild Strawberries, The Pursuit of Happiness, An April March, Wendy Lands, a threatening answering machine message on Spookey Ruben's "Modes of Transportation Vol.1" (TVT Records) with picture and also there was a short festival film made about him called "Life on Mars".  He has been written about in countless publications including The New York Post, Newsday, Time-Out NY, The Village Voice, The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, The San Francisco Weekly, Now Magazine, Eye Magazine, Tribe Magazine, etc.

Spin Mag July 2002 (Centerfold Feature Spread)
Paper Mag Feb 2001
Newsday Article by Martin Johnson
Back in 1999, before I moved to NYC, I occassionally guest dj'd at The Batcave.  These were ads that ran in The Village Voice.

The Globe and Mail
Tribe Magazine '95
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