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These are remixes that I have done.  I don't mind if you download it and
play it but just remember who's your daddy! ;)

"Lotion" (Die J! Mars Remix) by Robbie D
.  The Scissor Sisters (then unknown)
also did a remix for this single (taken from the first Larry Tee Electroclash comp)
that never got released.

click here to download file

"Heaven" (Die J! Mars' Y2Kinky Remix) by The Psychedelic Furs.  This was one of my
first and best remixes ever.  I did it for a New Year's Eve fetish event thrown by
Siren Clothing called "Y2Kinky" based on the Y2K scare that year.  It was pre-electro! 
Who would have known that Felix Da Housecat would be doing remixes that sounded
like that 4 years later?!  And they laughed at me then...
click here to download file

"Stone Angel" (Die J! Mars' Haunted House Remix) by Pynky Love.  A Toronto artist who
used to headline for Peaches and promote the band long before they were ever accepted.
This single was never released.  For more info, go to:
click here to download file

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